Terms & Conditions

Reservations made at Rent a car fuerteventura airport offer special prices and conditions that cannot be applied to reservations made by phone or at the counter of our offices.


Reservation confirmations are always immediate. If you need to make a reservation less than 12 hours in advance, you will receive an instant confirmation and you should also receive an extra confirmation from our staff as soon as your reservation is accepted, they will contact you by mail or telephone.

In case of not picking up the vehicle at the agreed time and not receiving any communication of cancellation or modification on your part, you will lose the reservation after 2 hours from the time for which you made the reservation. You should also know that in case of delay in the collection of the vehicle and in order not to lose the right to the reservation, you must pay the full amount of the reservation even if the collection is later than the agreed one.


The driving license must be valid in Spain and must be at least 2 years old. Likewise, the minimum age to rent is 25 years old.


The rates offered at Rent a car fuerteventura airport include:

-Insurance without excess.

-Unlimited mileage.

-Taxes (IGIC).

-Additional driver, child seats and elevators.


In cases of accident with our coverage for material damage without excess, damages to third parties and those of the rental vehicle as well as all occupants are covered, remember to always drive on asphalt roads, do not leave anything inside the vehicle and report any incident immediately. Roadside assistance, towing and replacement are included in the price as long as the claim does not violate the terms of the contract.

Child seats and ISOFIX-type boosters have a cost of €5/day.


Ecocar Fuerteventura reserves the right to modify its policy of services included in its rates at any time. These modifications will only affect future reservations and will never be applied to previously accepted reservations.


The price offered through Rent a car fuerteventura airport does not include vehicle fuel. You must return the car with a full tank, just as it was delivered to you.


Damages caused by the driver's negligence or breach of the contract conditions, such as the following: loss of keys, damage due to driving on unpaved roads and refueling, would not be covered by any insurance and under no circumstances. wrong among others.


Ecocar Fuerteventura is not responsible for the objects that are forgotten inside the vehicle, nor for the damages produced in order to steal your belongings.


You will not have to carry out any monetary operation through www.ecocarfuerteventura.com. Payment will be made when picking up the vehicle.


It is essential to present a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX) in the name of the driver to make the payment and thus be able to collect the vehicle.


Please note that we do not have roof racks available, it is not allowed to transport any object on the roof of the vehicle, Ecocar does not assume any damage to the vehicle or third parties caused by the transport of objects on the roof of the vehicle, always being these damages sole responsibility of the tenant.


Ecocar works with a full-full fuel policy.


Cars cannot be moved outside the island where they were rented and their transport by boat or any means of transport, vehicle or trailer without authorization is prohibited.


The personal data provided through Rent a car fuerteventura airport will be treated as confidential.


The driver responds to infractions committed while driving the vehicle (fines, parking, etc.) in accordance with the Highway Code and other current legal provisions.


If you want to modify your reservation please contact the phone number (+34) 928 163 006 or our email address info@ecocar.es

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